Preparing for the Oracle Spatial Essentials Certification Exam:  Topic Highlights and Strategies (Overview offering)

Note: This session is an abbreviated version of the Monday certification preparation workshop. The Monday workshop will cover a more complete topic review list, and provide additional, more in depth concept explanations and examples.

The Oracle Spatial 11g Certified Implementation Specialist certification recognizes individuals with a strong technical background in Oracle Spatial implementations. The exam measures individuals’ skills in a wide range of technical areas, and preparation can appear difficult.

Led by experts who developed the exam, this brief review session breaks down the exam’s main topics and identifies those that users are least likely to have had experience with. Presenters will also highlight the more specialized topics (such as GeoRaster, 3D/LIDAR support, topology), and discuss use cases and provide demonstrations to clarify complex concepts.

This session will also cover:

  • Details on how the exam is structured, including guidance on relative importance of specific topic areas included
  • Highlights of the more specialized topics and concepts covered in the exam
  • Examples of types of questions likely to appear on the exam
  • Courses and online resources that individuals can use to prepare
  • An overview of how to register for the exam and provide the information required for the certification

The session will provide the guidance and strategies needed for individuals to efficiently prepare for the test.

Individuals who pass the exam and attain the “Oracle Spatial 11g Certified Implementation Specialist” certification are recognized as technical leaders in the field, and have a valuable credential that differentiates them in the marketplace. Any organization interested in obtaining Oracle PartnerNetwork “Oracle Spatial 11g Specialized” status must have at least one individual who holds this certification.

Good understanding of and previous experience with Oracle's Spatial SDO_GEOMETRY vector type in deploying an enterprise or GIS solution are very helpful. Proficiency with advanced types and models (GeoRaster, Network Data Model, 3D/Lidar support) is not required.