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Geomarketing: the Benefits of Adding the “Where” Factor to Sales and Marketing

GeoMarketing is an application of location intelligence - GeoMarketing is the integration of GIS into all marketing aspects including sales and distribution. Widespread in Europe, the word GeoMarketing is not commonly use in the US. Why? Is this the same expertise and same business in the two continents? We have made our investigation and there are many differences between GeoMarketing in Europe and USA.

The approach is one of them: European companies tend to utilize GeoMarketing from a bottom-up approach to pilot day-to-day operations and to provide greater efficiency in responding to the changing spatial nature of customers’ behavior. North American companies on the other hand, mostly apply a top-down approach by implementing geomarketing to steer strategy. Those two tactics have their strengths and weakness. Through the presentation of real case studies, two European and two North American companies will demonstrate and explain the best practices, ROI and benefits of their geomarketing implementation and application.

Example Case study
How Carrefour successfully implemented GeoMarketing to better understand and Target its Customers

Carrefour, the world's second largest retail group, has implemented a new bottom-up approach to GeoMarketing by providing store managers with the dynamic geographic sales information needed to efficiently respond to the changing nature of customers. The geomarketing platform provided the capabilities that Carrefour required to add the "where" factor to its business intelligence.

By developing this solution as a bottom-up approach to GeoMarketing, Carrefour has gained greater efficiency in responding to the changing spatial nature of customers behavior. Through network analysis of trade areas, mailing areas, competition analysis, customer locations, and advertising, as well as natural business language based spatial queries, and geo-reports that tie into enterprise data systems, Carrefour has now access to a spatial platform for Carrefour to provide the "where" factor to its business intelligence systems.


Patrick Hayes

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May 22-23, 2012 - Washington, D.C.


Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue


Andrew Ross, The Eclipse Foundation
Andrew Turner, GeoIQ
Anthony Quartararo, Spatial Networks, Inc.
Axel Kirstetter, KSS Fuels
Berk Charlton, Pitney Bowes Software
Brendan O’Brien, ThinkSmart Technologies
Cliff Behrens, Applied Communication Sciences
Daniel Geringer, Oracle
Dave McIlhagga, DM Solutions
David Tatar, TARGUSinfo
Dr. Ahmed Abukhater, Pitney Bowes Software
Dr. Brian Diepold, Pitney Bowes Software
Dr. Colleen McLaughlin McCue, GeoEye
Dr. Jayant Sharma, Oracle
Dr. John Linwood Griffin, TeleCommunication Systems
Dr. Philip Bogden, RadiantBlue Technologies
Dr. Xavier Lopez, Oracle
Duncan Guthrie, Socium
Eddie Pickle, OpenGeo
Gary Wood, Environics Analytics
Geoff Zeiss, Autodesk
George de Boer, TomTom
George Percivall, Open Geospatial Consortium
Gilad Saadoun, IBM
Hayri Tarhan
Ian White, Urban Mapping
Jason Sims, Intergraph
Jeff Harrison, The Carbon Project
Jeff Joyner, OnStar
Jim Steiner, Oracle
Joe Francica, Directions Media
Joe Tedesco
Joel Campbell, Intergraph
Kevin Macdonald, Loxcel
LJ Qian, Oracle
Lynn DeCourcey, NJVC, LLC
Marco Mantovani, ICONSULTING
Michael Byrne, Federal Communications Commission
Michael Corcoran, Information Builders
Michele Sacchi, Bridge Consulting
Nick Salem, TARGUSinfo, a Neustar Company
Patrick Hayes, Galigeo
Peter Doolan, Oracle
Philip O’Doherty, eSpatial
Richard Pitts, Oracle
Robert E. Odom, TeleCommunication Systems Cyber Intelligence Group
Robert Trenkamp, Claraview, a division of Teradata
Rodney Buie, TeleCommunication Systems
Rodney Buie, TeleCommunication Systems
Ryan Goodman, Centigon Solutions
Sean Maday, Google
Siva Ravada, Oracle
Steve Ehrlich, Space-Time Insight
Steve MacCabe, Safe Software
Steve Pierce, Think Huddle
Thomas Lejars, Galigeo

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