About LI

Why the Location Intelligence Summit?

Business intelligence solutions that integrate location technology, "big data", and location analytics are now significant business tools ... but how can we use them more effectively?

The LI Summit focuses on the solutions and trends that are seen at the intersection of geospatial technology and IT.

Our partners present the Oracle Spatial Summit, the Here Summit, and the LocationTech Summit, bringing together the users who are actually integrating LI and BI.

Together, these summits provides the necessary networking environment to get you in touch with thought leaders, other users, and solution providers from across the LI ecosystem.


Location Intelligence Summit 2014

Location Analytics and Visual Data Discovery … New Pathways to Business Intelligence

This year we plan to present information on these key themes:

  • Indoor Positioning for Location Based Advertising & Marketing
  • Spatial Analytics in BI
  • Analyzing Big (Geospatial) Data
  • Social Media and Spatial Statistics
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Dashboards, Data Blending & Visual Discovery

See more information about our agenda.



History of the Location Intelligence Summit

Since its inception, the LI Summit has always presented topics that were considered ahead of the curve. When we started the LI Conference in 2004, integration of location and BI tools was hardly discussed; now it’s considered a must in any BI solution.  In 2010, we focused on cloud/SaaS business models when there were few companies with cloud-ready solutions. Now it's assumed that every vendor has a cloud model.  The LI Summit continues to develop a program that is always forward looking.