Nick Salem
Distinguished Engineer, Neustar

A Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Neustar, Nick is the chief database and geospatial architect behind the ElementOne platform and has over 16 years experience developing enterprise geospatial applications. He holds 10 OCP DBA/Expert/Specialist credentials in the areas of database administration, security, RAC and Spatial and Graph. Nick currently also serves as the Technical Chair on the Oracle Spatial & Graph SIG board and plays an active role in fostering collaboration in the community. Prior to joining Neustar, Nick served as the Director of Software Engineering at Nielsen Claritas where he was responsible for developing Claritas’ primary enterprise geospatial analytics products.

Neustar’s Experiences With Oracle Spatial and Graph 12c

Neustar ElementOne is a comprehensive cloud-based GIS analytics platform built on Oracle Database, Spatial and Graph, MapViewer and Java EE technologies to provide a feature rich, secure and highly scalable application to end users. We will share our experiences with the 12c features of Oracle Spatial and Graph and describe in detail the dramatic performance gains achieved after upgrading to the new release.

The Neustar ElementOne platform provides rich data and cutting edge analytics to help clients acquire, retain, and grow high value customers. Built on top of Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Advanced Security, Partitioning, Spatial and Graph, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer 12c, ElementOne leverages Oracle's enterprise database, spatial and Java EE technologies to provide a feature rich, secure and highly scalable application to end users.

The session will provide an introduction to the ElementOne platform and its various uses of Oracle Spatial and Graph capabilities, including the network data model, TIN, GeoRaster image overlays, coordinate transformation and numerous area manipulation and creation functions. The session will highlight how ElementOne has leveraged the latest 12c features in Oracle Spatial and Graph, including vector performance acceleration, for dramatic performance improvements with minimal code changes. In conjunction with various other Oracle Database 12c capabilities like in-memory global temporary table, parallel executions, LOB operations, SQL and PL/SQL function and execution enhancements, cross session result set cache and more, ElementOne has achieved substantial gains in performance and efficiency.