Dr. Burcin Bozkaya
VisioThink Information Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Burcin Bozkaya earned his BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering at Bilkent University, and his Ph.D. in Management Science at the University of Alberta, Canada. Between 1999-2004, he worked as a Senior Operations Research Analyst at Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) in Redlands, California, specializing in applications of GIS in the transportation and logistics arena. Since 2004, Dr. Bozkaya is a faculty member at Sabancı School of Management in Turkey, and is the author of various scholarly publications in the areas of location analysis, vehicle routing, heuristic optimization, and applications of GIS as a decision support system. He is also a co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Board at VisioThink, Inc., a Sabancı University spin-off company specializing in location-based services and visual analytics software solutions. Dr. Bozkaya is a father of two and enjoys playing guitar and flute, hiking, cycling, and playing bridge.

Use of Spatial Visualization Techniques in Analyzing Customer Transaction Data in Banking Industry

Spatio-temporal data analysis has gained a growing degree of importance with the emergence of sensor technologies and applications that collect location data. This talk will introduce an interactive tool that effectively visualises spatio-temporal data using two-dimensional data clustering heatmaps along with temporal histograms. The presented methodology creates grid-based heatmaps, and calculates pairwise similarity scores of map images to help detect recurring patterns. The tool is employed in analyzing a GSM friend-finder subscriber activity data and a bank credit card transaction data. Examples of patterns are reported that are not observable from the tabular data, but easily observable using the tool.

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